The Best Holiday Gifts in 2021 for Kids Over 10

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The "cool factor" is important when it comes to shopping for gifts for our pre-teens and teens. Looking to determine whether or not an item has "it" without their guidance can paralyze even the best shoppers out there. But don't worry! We teamed up to find some of the coolest big-kid apparel, gear, games and kits for a wide array of talents and interests. From wetsuits and mountain bike shorts to beginner guitar and golf sets, you're sure to find something that will inspire your big over-ten-year-old to keep them doing what they love, spending quality time with friends and family or exploring a new hobby!

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RipCurl Junior Omega 3/2 Wetsuit 


Your ocean lover will be able to stay in the water for longer with this stylish and comfortable 3/2 wetsuit! The back zipper makes it convenient to put on and take off independently, and the glued and blind-stitched seams allow for both stretch and strength. These work together to keep your swimmer or surfer insulated and prepared to endure water temperatures in the 50s and 60s for the duration of their adventures!

BUY: RipCurl Junior Omega 3/2 Wetsuit, $159.95

Wilson Profile JGI Jr Golf Club Set


Nobody golfs well with someone else's clubs, and what beginner golfer isn't just getting by with hand-me-downs and extras? The holidays are the perfect time to give your young golfer a little boost with their own set of clubs. With eight different size options to allow for the right fit for beginner golfers, this set is "custom" without the "custom" price tag. Complete with a driver, putter and two irons, they'll be equipped for any shot from the tee box to the green--and the lightweight bag with stand will make it easy for them to get there. 

BUY: Wilson Profile JGI Jr Golf Club Set, $179.99

Beat That! Family Game 


From stacking dice with chopsticks in a limited amount of time to participating in rhyming rounds where repeats and nonsensical words knock you out, this game of wacky challenges is fun for the whole family! Complete with all the tools you'll need for anything presented on the 160 challenge cards, it's as easy to set up as it is to learn. You and your kids will find it hard to get through a round of this game without some good belly aches from laughing so much--a memorable family bonding experience and a must-have for game nights!  

BUY: Beat That! Family Game, $24.99

Saucony Big Kids Kinvara 12 Sneaker


Well-known for its track and racing shoes, Saucony came through with a practical cross-training fit for active kids that's perfect for everyday wear! They'll love the bright color options, and you'll rest easy knowing they have supportive, durable shoes on their feet. Plus, these sneakers are topped off with an anti-stink lining that will keep them smelling fresh through all their active adventures.

BUY: Saucony Big Kids Kinvara 12 Sneaker, $55.00

Mertonzo Hammock Swing Chair


After a day of running, cycling, skating--you name it--your active kid will need a nice place to rest. And what better place than a hammock swing chair? This swing chair offers all the comfortable support that a hammock does in half the space, making it perfect for bedrooms, playrooms or even small patios or decks. Your big kid will love having their own place to rest, relax, read and hang out--literally! 

BUY: Mertonzo Hammock Swing Chair, $47.99

Gibbon Funline Treewear Slackline


Slacklines are a proven way to build strength, coordination and balance. The Gibbon Funline Treewear Slackline is specially designed with less give, so you can set it up low to the ground for beginners. Unique to many common slacklines, the Gibbon Slacklines also have a rubber-coated print to increase the grip when walking across. All you need for setup are a couple well-established trees positioned within about 40 feet of one another. You may even want to try it, too!

BUY: Gibbon Funline Treewear Slackline, $114.99

ACTIVE Advantage Gift Card

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An ACTIVE Advantage Membership makes it affordable to live a healthy lifestyle. Get discounts on gear and services you already use for fitness, cooking, health and fun. This premium membership comes with exclusive perks from top health and fitness brands, like Adidas, HelloFresh, Aaptiv and more! Plus, save on fun with discounts on camping, live events and hotels. Give the gift of savings with the ACTIVE Advantage Membership eGift Card. Whether they're into marathons, yoga, personal training, cooking, camping or travel, the discounts will give them more of what they love for less. Buy an Advantage Membership eGift today! Learn more about all the benefits included with ACTIVE Advantage here.

BUY: ACTIVE Advantage Gift Card, $89.95

SQUIER Stratocaster Pack


Looking to support your kid's interest in music and learning to play the guitar? Look no further than this starter pack by the iconic brand Fender. The classic Stratocaster design is lightweight with a comfortable playing feel. Complete with an amplifier, strap, cord, gig bag and picks, your child will have everything they need to start playing from the moment they unwrap their gift. Fender even topped it off with a free three-month subscription to Fender Play, which has video lessons and exercises that will have your young musician rocking out in no time.

BUY: SQUIER Stratocaster Pack, $249.99

LEGO Iconic Chess Set


There's nothing like having the chance to actually build your own chess set to make playing the game with friends and family that much sweeter! If your big kid loves building, puzzles and strategic play, this is definitely the gift for them. The board itself acts as storage for the pieces when they're not playing, and pieces are also included to play checkers. Plus, the 10-inch square board and ability to secure the pieces to the top make it easily transportable for games on the go.

BUY: LEGO Iconic Chess Set, $54.99

Chunky Boucle Bean Bag Chair and Cover


Comfy and stylish, this bean bag chair is perfect for reading, gaming, studying or simply hanging out. It's a low-maintenance chair that your big kid is sure to love. It's lightweight and can easily be moved from a quiet space in the house to wherever the fun is at! The removable cover makes cleaning and maintenance and breeze--elevate your active kid's comfort and room décor with this great gift!

BUY: Chunky Boucle Bean Bag Chair and Cover, $238.00 - $278.00

Woom OFF Bike Shorts


Designed for the trail, Woom OFF Bike Shorts offer a flexible, padded, adjustable fit for all mountain bikers (unisex design). Two zipper pockets offer safe, accessible storage for keys, gear and anything else your rider might need to keep secure while out on their journey. The padding is removable, making them versatile and able to be customized to your rider's needs. Wind and water resistant, they're perfect for any ride, any day and in any weather! 

BUY: Woom OFF Bike Shorts, $99.00

Girls Under Armour Longer Prime Jacket


There's nothing like a puffy jacket to keep your kids warm and comfy in the elements. The length of this jacket offers plenty of coziness, and it's paired with a water-resistant external layer that doesn't sacrifice breathability. The hood is designed to fit comfortably and snug atop their head for extra warmth (that's where most body heat escapes). This is the perfect gift for the winter holidays to help them keep them warm on the cooler days year-round.

BUY: Girls Under Armour Longer Prime Jacket, $95.00

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course 


Get your kids zooming across the yard on a zipline and monkeying their way through other obstacles with the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course! With a slackline included, you can set up extra security and support below the rings, bars and a ladder, or add it as a separate balance element in the overall course. It's the perfect gift to get your kids outdoors to build strength, confidence, balance and coordination--who doesn't want to be a Ninja Warrior?

BUY: Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, $99.99

Paint and Plant Flower Growing Kit


This gift is a craft and a small flower garden all in one! The kit comes with marigold, cosmos and Zinnia flowers, as well as an instruction booklet to help your kids learn about the art of taking care of a plant from seed to blossom. The tin planter and paints will allow your young artist to turn it into a beautifully blossoming container of color long before the flowers bloom.

BUY: Paint and Plant Flower Growing Kit, $17.99

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