The Funniest Snow Day Tweets

There are generally two schools of thought on snow days, "Heck yes!" or "Oh, no!" And let's be honest, a parent's feelings on snow days has nothing to do with the actual snow and everything to do with where that parent is on their personal journey. Maybe you have a full refrigerator and a book that needs to be read, so a snow day sounds pretty great. Maybe you've been cooped up with your kids for days already and you need to get back to work, so you'd rather have a truck parked on your foot than endure one more snow day. Here are some parents who know what we're talking about.


Even preparing for a storm can be annoying. 


And no matter how much you prepare, you're unprepared. 


Nothing matches the feeling of hearing it's a snow day when you're a kid. 


And this year, even kids in traditionally snow-free climates are getting in on the action. 


And kids aren't the only ones with joy in their hearts when the cancellation comes in. 


But not everyone is thrilled. 


But not everyone is thrilled. 

Some of those families who get a heads up the night before are doing it wrong. 


Say it louder for the people in the back. 

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