The Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Under 10


Golf Pool Indoor Family Game


No "weather permitting" disclaimer needed on this game of golf—bring the green indoors this holiday season. This game combines the challenge of putting/mini-golf with the objectives of pool. It's a great activity to help your child develop their coordination and strategic thinking, all while enjoying time together as a family. This is sure to provide a challenge for beginners and experts alike. 

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What You Do Matters Boxed Book Set


Beautifully illustrated by Mae Besom and thoughtfully written by Kobi Yamada, these books are a great parent and child read-together series as they spark great thought, questions and inspiration with their imaginative simplicity and depth. The main character's confidence grows to bring a new idea into being in the first book, faces a problem in the next story and takes a risk in the final book. They can be read in any order, but the original story "What Do You Do With an Idea?" is most notably praised as a New York Times Best Seller and gold medal winner of the Independent Publisher's Award. 

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Razor A Special Edition Kick Scooter – Holographic


A classic style with a new look, Razor scooters are easy to store and carry as they are lightweight and can collapse and lock in place. With adjustable handlebars, this scooter is prepared to grow with your child. A scooter will help them stay on the move and outdoors—whether it becomes their main mode of transportation or choice of wheels for tricks at the local skatepark (just be sure to equip them with a helmet)! 

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Sidetrack II Kids Helmet by Bell


At ACTIVE we're all for getting outside and exploring on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters, but it's equally important to gear-up with the right protection while on-the-go. This helmet by Bell provides multi-directional impact protection and quick-adjust fasteners that keep straps comfortably in the proper position. It's a sleek, well-ventilated design available in many colors such that you'll be sure to find a look that your child will actually want to wear!

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BESPIN Binoculars for Kids Bird Watching and Bird Map


A step above plastic kid's binoculars, these are made out of aluminum. This results in a weight and feel that lends toward a more authentic and higher-quality design. They're protected with shock-proof rubber on the outside, and they have rubber fitted around the eye-pieces to protect your little one's eyes. Complete with a bird map for identifying the wildlife they'll see through the lenses, this is the perfect gift to nurture a love of nature through up-close observation. 

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Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot


Help your child learn to code with the gift of this voice-activated, collaborative, STEM-inspired robot, Dash. Working with Dash through any of the free applications on a compatible device will engage your young computer engineer in open-ended problem solving. With added extensions, this bot can also grow with your child into greater challenges and skillsets, like playing music or building based on the loops, events, conditions and sequences your child sets up for them in the application's coding space. Wonder Workshop robots provide fun, collaborative engineering challenges that are hard for kids to resist.

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Thames & Kosmos Kids First Botany Experimental Greenhouse Kit


This kit provides a small lab setup that allows your young scientists to look at and compare different types of plants in a controlled setting that they'll get to monitor and maintain over time. It's a great way to engage and encourage an interest in science, plants and nature. Complete with seed packs for beans, cress and zinnia flowers and an automatic watering system that your child will get to construct themself, this kit is great for bringing the large-scale garden down to a more observable scale for your child to learn and grow along with.

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Planetarium Projector


Turn your child's room into their very own planetarium! Complete with disks for galaxies, planets and moons, your child will be able to project detailed images of celestial bodies within and beyond our own solar system. When they're done projecting specific images, the flick of a switch will litter the room with twinkling stars. Bringing the magic of the night sky home will help inspire your child's curiosity beyond what we can look up and see with the naked eye.  

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Kidtastic Dinosaur Toys


Encourage the urge to take things apart with this dinosaur toy set! Available in designs other than just dinosaurs, this gift will get kids thinking and working like an engineer at ages as young as 3 years old. It's complete with a kid-friendly screwdriver, making it unique to other toys in that building and construction requires a bit more work than just pulling apart and pushing together small pieces. This shift from the norm is a good way to engage your child in developing their fine motor and problem-solving skills. 

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Abco Tech Giant Piano Mat


This jumbo-sized piano mat will bring the toy store fun home this holiday season! This gift is a great way to inspire and encourage play that will help develop musical understanding and skills. A two-octave range is plenty for most just beginning piano music and two player duets. Various instrument settings also prove educational, as kids can alter the sound of the instrument played by the note they're standing on. This gift is a fun way to keep them moving, thinking, learning and working collaboratively with friends and family. 

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