Thinkbaby Sunscreen Review: Is it Safe for Your Child?

Thinkbaby Sunscreen

You probably know how important it is to wear sunscreen when you’re going to spend time outside training, working, or relaxing. But what about your kids? Young children have very sensitive skin, and protecting them from harmful sun exposure is a priority. That same sensitive skin also needs to be protected from chemicals and active ingredients in common sunscreens that could cause rashes or other side effects.

The best sunscreens for kids take that into consideration and are formulated to keep your children’s skin safe. Thinkbaby is one of the more popular companies that create personal care products specifically for kids. In our Thinkbaby sunscreen review, we analyze everything you need to know about the brand and the formula to decide whether it is the right product for your kids.

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A Quick Look at Thinkbaby Sunscreen

The Thinkbaby company has a three-part mission: clean science, functionality, and sustainability. Their focus is on creating clean products that are safe for children and for the environment. Thinkbaby is different from its sister company Thinksport, which makes sunscreens for adults and athletes. Make sure you don’t get the two confused as they share a website.

Thinkbaby offers two types of sun protection products for kids—sunscreen and aloe vera to soothe skin after sun exposure. Using these products in tandem is the best way to protect your child’s skin after a long day at the beach or several hours outside with no shade. Keep in mind that if your children are younger than six months, it is better to cover their skin with clothes or shade than use sunscreen.

Thinkbaby Sunscreen

Thinkbaby Sunscreen


  • SPF: 30-50
  • Form: Cream and stick
  • EWG rating: 1-2
  • Active ingredient: Zinc oxide
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Water resistance: Up to 80 minutes


What We Like

  • Very good EWG ratings
  • Mineral base is free of toxic chemicals and safe for the environment
  • Fast-absorbing cream for easy application

What We Don’t Like

  • Zinc sunscreen can leave a residue on some skin types
  • Some reviews recommend not using the cream on your face

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FAQs About Thinkbaby Sunscreen

Is Thinkbaby a good sunscreen?

Thinkbaby is a mineral sunscreen that has an excellent EWG rating. It is a good option for kids and those with sensitive skin who want to avoid possible irritation from the ingredients in typical sunscreens.

How clean is Thinkbaby sunscreen?

Thinkbaby sunscreen is free of biologically harmful chemicals and is biodegradable. The active ingredient is zinc oxide, which sits on top of your skin to reflect sunlight rather than sinking into your skin like many other common sunscreen ingredients. Because of this, it washes off clean.

Does Thinkbaby sunscreen leave a white cast?

The two most common active ingredients in mineral sunscreens are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, minerals that are naturally white so they will leave a white cast if you apply too much. If you follow the application recommendations, however, the white cast should be minimal.

Can adults use Thinkbaby sunscreen?

Thinkbaby sunscreen is designed for babies, children, and anyone with sensitive skin. Baby sunscreens are typically clean formulas that are safe for anyone to use.

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