Top 10 States with the Best After-School Programs

Parents across the United States agree: After-school programs are vital to a child's success. According to the Afterschool Alliance, 83 percent of parents believe after-school programs help keep their children safe and promote success by providing homework assistance, writing opportunities and the ability to learn science, engineering,technology and math.

There are currently 10.2 million children in after-school programs, and demand is growing. For every child currently in a program, another two are waiting to get in.

So how does your state measure up when it comes to after-school programs? The AfterschoolAlliance put together a composite score for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia to determine which state has the best programs.

States were measured using several criteria including participation rates, parent satisfaction with programs and number of hours a child spent in an after-school program a week.

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