6 Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Fish

Head outdoors and spend quality time with your kids while you teach them how to fish. It's something different, educational and fun.

Here are six tips to help you teach your kids how to fish.

  1. Keep it easy. Choose simple tackle, bait and techniques. Fish for a species that is plentiful and easy to catch. Your goal should be to keep their rod bent as much as possible. Don't worry about the type of fish you catch, just catch anything. The more interesting, colorful and unique the fish, the more excited they will be.

  2. Keep it short. Marathon days are not what they need. Find fishing spots that are close to home and don't require long car or boat rides.

  3. Keep them covered. Use plenty of sunscreen and protective clothing. Don't make anything about the experience painful or unpleasant.

  4. Keep them happy. Take lots of snacks including a treat that usually is not allowed at home. Snacks can help break up moments of frustration and keep the kids interested.

  5. Keep your cool. Expect to re-bait hooks and take out line tangles and knots all day. This is their day, not yours. The quickest way to turn children off from fishing is to get frustrated with them. Teach them what you know—tell them about birds, plants, or fish. Kids remember these things and find it interesting. Read to them about fish before you head out on your excursion.

  6. Keep a few fish for dinner. Keep fish within the legal catch limits and never keep more than you plan to eat. These lessons mold responsible and conscientious anglers, which helps to ensure the future of our fishery resources.

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Atlanta Fishing Examiner Tina Ranieri learned to fish as a little girl from her dad, grandpa and two uncles, in the streams, rivers and lakes of Indiana.

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