6 Food Rules Young Athletes Should Follow

Young athletes face distractions that can keep them from eating properly. From school and homework to training and competition, they don't always pay attention to how they fuel their bodies or take the time to understand the role nutrition plays in supporting their training and goals. Heather Mangieri, a national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says there are six food rules that athletes, coaches and families should employ to help bring about that understanding. She reveals them in her forthcoming book, Fueling Youth Athletes.

Covering weight management, supplementation, fueling, hydration and more, Fueling Young Athletes addresses the issues that families and athletes most often face, such as late-night practices, inconvenient school lunch times, demanding tournament schedules and travel leagues and lack of sleep. For more information on Fueling Young Athletes or other fitness and nutrition books and resources, visit HumanKinetics.com.

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