4 Fun Activities to Keep Your Family Moving During the Holidays

ice skating

The holidays create the perfect trap for eating more and moving less. If you're hosting family, you may find yourself too busy entertaining guests and managing the crowd to have time for exercise. If you're traveling, you may struggle to find a peaceful spot for a workout. Plus, amongst all the delicious holiday food, you'll probably feel a little more sluggish than usual.

Luckily, there are lots of fun activities that can keep you and your family active over the holidays. Plus, many are perfect for adults with less mobility or those especially energetic kids. Keep reading for five of our favorite games to keep you and your guests moving, smiling and laughing this holiday season.


Playing catch will only entertain for so long. If you want a simple activity with more movement and not a lot of gear, jumping rope is the perfect solution. Plus, if your kids haven't ever seen or tried double-dutch jumping, it'll be a fun chance to teach them this classic trick

Make sure your ropes are long enough for perfect double-dutch arches (about 12 to 14 feet). If you want to fit multiple jumpers in the middle, choose a slightly longer rope. Take turns jumping and roping and see who can last the longest in the middle! You can even try doing some fancier footwork, like jumping with a single rope while double-dutch jumping or spinning around while you hold the ropes.

Walking or Hiking

Feeling that food coma coming on? If a run feels out of the question, try taking a simple walk. A quick spin around the block will get you some fresh air and keep you away from your screens for a few minutes. Plus, you can take as many (or as few) people as you'd like along with you. Don't forget to take your pup, too!

If you're near some good hiking trails, try taking a break from your neighborhood sidewalk and enjoy some scenic fall foliage. Trails—especially steeper ones—may provide a bit more of a challenge for your lungs and legs, so give yourself a small break between your meal and your movement to avoid cramping. Be sure to bring water, too.

Video Games

Surprise! Although they're often the distraction that keeps kids on the couch instead of outside playing, video games can sometimes serve as fun, high-energy activities. Especially on cold or rainy days, a high-movement video game can provide a great way to work up a sweat. 

Some video games, like virtual reality (VR) options, require you to move around to complete different tasks within the game. You might be instructed to run, jump or wave your hands to earn points and level up. Some video games are even based around exercise, like Just Dance, and allow you to compete against your friends while getting an awesome workout in.

Ice Skating

Make the most of the chilly weather and take your family ice skating for some active, wintery fun. If you don't live near a real skating rink, look for faux-ice options—many towns set up temporary outdoor rinks, especially for the holidays! Be sure to warm up with some hot chocolate afterward.

Ice skating can be tricky for younger children and older adults, so make sure your group is comfortable with the activity. Otherwise, lace up your skates and get ready for some fun!

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