10 Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

Bullying—cyber or in real life—is practically unavoidable when you’re growing up. In fact, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, one in every five students reported being bullied in 2016, and 64 percent of bullied children don’t report it. Something as silly as a wayward haircut or a single spilled secret could be all you need to draw the contempt of the class bully at any given moment.

The effects of bullying aren’t always temporary, either. Bullying can cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of focus in school and numerous long-term effects.

Not every child is a victim of bullying, but just because your kid doesn’t talk about bullies or show clear signs of being bullied, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Signs of cyberbullying can be especially hard to identify, but with these tips from StopBullying.gov, parents can stay alert to make sure their kid isn’t suffering in silence.

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