10 Tips for Traveling with Kids

First and foremost, traveling with kids requires patience.

Sure, the idea of simply picking a spot on a map, tossing some clothes in a bag, and heading out on a vacation can be thrilling for you and your significant other. If you're traveling with kids, however, the adventure takes careful preparation.

1. Consult the School Calendar

You can be the most involved parent in the world and still not know exactly when school lets out for summer, or starts up again in the fall: double check the dates. You don't want to plan an entire trip only to find out the kids are still in class when you want to hit the road, or that they have to be back at the schoolhouse five days before your trip is over.

2. Choose Places Your Entire Family Will Like

Don't get your kids excited about unrealistic destinations. Instead, research several places of interest that can be reached within your vacation schedule and present them to the family for their input. Go online and find photos of places they might like to see.

Destinations don't all have to be amusement parks and gumball factories. Look for interesting historical sites and natural wonders to mix things up and give your children a better sense of the world around them. Then, make your reservations early.

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