5 Circuit Training Ideas for Your Next Dog Walk

Taking your dog for a walk can either be a bonding experience, or a chore. Next time, switch up your walking routine and bring Fido along. Follow these five tips to make your next outing a fun and great workout for you and your pet.

Instead of just walking around the block--add some sprints into the mix. Walk for 500 yards, then sprint for 200, and then back to walking. Another option is to add hills--you can power walk up and then run back down. This will not only get your heart rate up, but it will keep Fido from sniffing every blade of grass along the way.

Stop along your walk and do some exercises. If you see a picnic table, try a few push-ups on the bench. Or, on a side of a building you can work out your legs by doing wall squats for 30 seconds. Who said dog walks had to be boring!

Add in obedience training along your route. Instead of taking Fido on a mindless venture--make him/her stop and sit or lay down periodically. Don't forget the heel command--that is important as well. Of course, it is ok to let Fido sniff around, he/she is a dog, but making Fido "think" during exercise will tire them out faster than just the exercise alone.

Make sure you are paying attention to Fido-this is supposed to be your bonding time. If you are talking on your cell phone, you are not connecting together. Always remember to clean up after your dog.  

At the end of your walk, you can incorporate stretching and yoga with your furry friend. Your dog reads your energy, so at the end of the day try to do your stretches and be calm--your dog will follow suit.

Your dog LOVES to be with you and is sad when you leave him/her to go to the gym to workout! Why do that when you can do a workout walk and save time! 

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